Prospective tenants start here

This section explains the workings of your application from the initial Tenants Application Form through to the final reservation of your property, its removal from the market and your move in date confirmed.

Make sure before you pay any cash over that you will comply with the referencing agencies requirements (Including your guarantors if you are using one) - we use MARAS. Check with them directly from the link above if you are not certain.

There are three stages to the complete Tenants Application and reservation process,  they include these aspects:-

> Tenants Application Form

> Payment of required deposit and fees

> At this stage the property is

    - reserved for 1 week only - unless there is a delay from our side - which excludes a delay with your references.

> Online Referencing

> Referencing decision

    - 1 - 3 working days

> Tenancy Agreement (See draft copy  of Aspire Estates Tenancy Agreement here)

> Balance of your deposit

> Balance of your rent

    - 1 month in advance

> At this stage your property is yours

>The above tenancy is used for the majority of cases, however where we have a corporate landlord, we have to use their agreement and not he above one.

Read the whole Tenants Application Procedure by clicking on the link below and complete your application












At what stage do I pay money?

Unless advised otherwise, you pay the fees and deposit required at the time that you submit your Tenant Application Form by email (we do not accept application forms by post)

Does this mean the property is reserved for me and off the market?

No, it means you can continue with your application and you must continue immediately (ie: not go on holiday or delay in any way the process). The next stage is your on-line referencing, which you need to complete upon receipt by email.

So at what stage is the property actually reserved 100%?

The property is confirmed as yours when all of the funds, including: referencing fees, legal fees, deposit and advance rental have been received into our nominated account by cleared funds (ie: no cheque's) and also that all the legal paperwork has been completed.

What could cause me to lose any money?

If you reserve the property and pay the 'holding deposit' and/or complete the Tenants Application Form, and pay (or undertake to pay later) the initial payment/s and then either take too long to continue and complete the procedure (1 week maximum) or you decide yourself after you have made the application and made the pre-payments that you no longer want the property.

What happens to that money?

The rental deposit is paid over to the Landlord and the Legal's and referencing fees are kept by us to pay the referencing company, legal documentation produced and our own administration costs which have been significant.

When do I get my cash back?

If a cash back is offered, it will be because we are sharing the property with another agent (and not if we are exclusive agents) the cash back is paid after all documents are signed and all cash has been recieved without deduction.

The cash back is offered for the property as advertised and may not apply if any other incentives or inducements are offered or have been paid for the property. This is because we only have 'so much' money for cash backs and incentives.

What might cause me to incur unexpected expenses ?

Nothing, however please be aware that if you leave a property that requires remedial work or replacing items, in order that these are there for the new tenant, we will have to buy them immediately.

Because we will also most likely have to pay this out of our own funds, and arrange workmen, plus attend etc., we need to charge for this service.

Our charges are 'cost of Labour and Materials - plus 25% + vat'. Additionally, depending on the work involved, we may have to make a charge for attending, the cost is £50 + vat per visit for the first hour or part thereof.

Hang on! Are you making a profit on top of what it costs you?

Yes! In your job you do work and you get paid. Think of your charge out rate to your customers. For most of our tenants, our add on is very, very much less. For us ''it's work''.

As mentioned above, we have to get the property ship-shape for the next tenant - and fast! We add on 25% to what our costs are + VAT and possibly attendance to site if necessary. (But we don't always apply that as we try to build appontments around it)

I have some other questions

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