My first 12 months with Aspire Estates.


This is a great business! That's the first thing. These few paragraphs explain how I built up, in my first year, to commissions in my final 3 months of my first year of £60,000 and double that in the first period of my 2nd year. - Nice!


I started from scratch, with no customers, no properties and a completely blank mind in terms of property sales and letting's experience - but I was taught by the best and learned the business; within 6 months I could take on - and beat - any other 'agent' - easily!

I found that there were a heck of a lot of people in the business, who just didn't know the business and made things up as they went along. Not me I found out what I was talking about before I opened my mouth and that gave me oodles of credibility with clients. They (like the rest of us) can see through Bull S**t.

By the end of my first 12 month's I was on a roll. My last quarter I earned over £60,000 in commissions. I have both Corporate & Private Landlords, I have property sales from £215,000 - £1,750,0000 and am very firmly in the property sales and rental business.

One of my major corporate clients recently advised me they have sacked their high street agent of long standing and with 500+ of executive properties to be built by them in their forthcoming portfolio I am assured of some great business for the future.



















How I got to where I am


It has to be said, there is no way I wanted to take the gamble of starting up by myself in unknown territory in an unknown business.

The Aspire Estates opportunity gave me the training, the backup advice and the infrastructure to hit the ground running from day one - with properties to rent/sell from day one.

Sure there is a lot to learn, but I didn't have to learn it all. With Aspire Estates you plug in to the various expertise. Forget about learning every single aspect of the business; the truth is you can't! But by having immediate access to that experience you can keep yourself the right side of the law - and concentrate on what you do best 'running your business at the coal face'.

It was not a bed of roses for the first 3 months. The Country was at the deepest point of the recession and - frankly - no-one (no matter what they now say) knew where it would all end up. Horrid!

In those 3 months I lost business to 'better' agents; I missed out by millisecond, my offers were outbid and generally I thought 'What is all this about?' - but I became much more knowledgeable about how to operate and in my second quarter - having started from scratch - I got my first piece of business!

As mentioned I have just finished my last quarter of my first 12 months and billed over £60,000 in fees just for that 3 months. As I also mentioned earlier, I now have an established base to build from too!

Final Update: first quarter of 2010 - the place is booming and I have in the last month sold £5.7m of property and rented out goodness knows what - things are moving too fast to sit down and work it all out - I am very happy and the main agents on the High St are wondering where on earth I have come from!


I have sold more properties in my street than all the other agents combined totaling almost £6m! Think I will now start working other streets! I think I am now flying!



The Background


The 'estate agents and letting's business' has often been written off as 'moving online' and 'self sales' taking over - the world over agents still play a major role - around 95% of property sales in the UK are through agents - possibly the same for Landlords too - who knows? The 'Self-Sales revolution simply does not work - I know that now!

The thing that has changed, is the way the business operates - and it's moving from the expensive High Street branches with their enormous overheads, to being much more on-line based.

In fact there will always be a role for the 'High Street' operations, but my experience has proved I can undercut those places and deliver in my patch a service to my sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants that really is completely flexible and unrivalled in the market.

How do I know this? Because my customers tell me! How Aspire Estates operate is completely different (yes really) and is much more flexible than the industry itself - I make my own prices up to suit each job and off we go! Happy and safe in the knowledge that I have my Aspire Estates Guru's available to me to keep me compliant.


Rob - Central London