The property is not taken off the market until the Tenant Application process has reached the appropriate stage

- see below and act with urgency, time is of the essence

These procedures are fixed and will superceede and take precidence over any other procedures or emails or telephone assistance you may have had directly in the interests of someone trying to assist you - any emails or conversations of that nature cannot alter these procedures which are to be taken in the whole

- as opposed to an individual email or conversation that may deal with a specific enquiry.



Stage One -Tenants Application



  • > You need to keep the reservation process continuing


> You need to deal with each stage immediately and expect the following stage immediately after you have completed the prior stage


> If you go on holiday or 'vanish' you are in danger of losing your property reservation and any pre-payments made.


> Complete the Tenant Application Form emailed to you earlier


> Return the form by email to the email address from which you received it


> Make the pre- payments shown only to the bank account shown on the Tenants Application Form, namely:


> Bank: HSBC

Sort Code: 40 45 22

Account: 8366 3701

Name: Aspire Management

IBAN CODE: GB29MIDL40452283663701



> Quote your name on any bank transfer

- no other bank account


> The pre payments will include:


> Tenants referencing costs, Legal Papers and admin cost and the initial deposit required


> If these payments are made by credit card we will charge 3.5% card handling fee. (as charged to us by Google)


> Debit cards are not surcharged.


> Email us on when done.


> When we have confirmed receipt of the payment the reference application will be emailed to you for your on-line completion.


> We will be advised when you have completed it and then process the credit check (The result is normally instant).


> Once the credit check has been passed, we proceed immediately to the 'Stage Two' advised to the right of this page.


> Please note at this stage the property is off the market for 1 week (unless there is a delay from our side - which does not include a delay with your references) you have provisionally reserved it.


> If the credit check fails you will be able to obtain a refund of the 1 weeks advance rent paid or find a Guarantour to continue (see stage two).


> When the credit check passes you will not be able to obtain a refund and we now progress seemlessly into the full referencing.


> The 'full reference' will be continuing based upon the information you have provided in the application.




Stage Two - Tenants Application



  • > We will be advised by the referencing agency your application is complete and inform you of the credit check result.


    • > If the credit check has failed, you will need a Guarantor to continue. They will also need to complete the referencing procedure.


    • > If your application (or Guarantor) is declined you do not need to pay anything further, we will refund your 1 weeks deposit less a further referencing fee.


  • > If approved, it is at this stage we start the tenancy agreement papers for your signature and at that point you now pay the full deposit balance and rent required, as specified on your Tenants Application.


> Please also at this point scan/email your ID to us at the address you have been using.

- Your ID is 1 x photo ID and 1 x address ID (such as utility bill/council tax etc.,)


      • > If for any reason you do not proceed with your application or tenancy agreement when asked -  you will lose the deposit paid, which is the paid to the Landlord - plus there will be an administration fee of £200 deducted from the deposit to cover the substantial costs we have incurred in taking this property off the market and processing it for you and then re-marketing it.


        > We will arrange payment of the deposit to the Deposit Protection Service and the balance to the Landlord. Further DPS information is here and also a Tenants Guide here.

        • > All payments should be paid within 1 working day of their request or due date or the property could be re-marketed and the tenancy application terminated.

          • ie: if a payment request is made 2pm on a Thursday, the deadline for payment is 2pm on the Friday.


          • > If payment is requested 2pm on a Friday, the deadline is 2pm on the Monday.
          • > Once all payments have been made and document signed we completely remove the property from the market and the property is yours.






Stage Three


Move in and Handover


    • > The inventory will be carried out by a professional Inventory company - this protects both the tenant and the Landlord - the cost of this varies with each property depending upon furnished/unfurnished/how much 'stuff' etc., - but they are no more than market rates.
    • > You are advised to be at the inventory & Check in to persinally supervise the procedure
    • > If you are not able to be there - you will be given 1 week to agree/suggest changes.