Further FAQ's



To have the property taken off the market and secure for you, please complete Stages 1 and 2.

Until both of these stages are complete the property will still be marketed.

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  • The referencing fee is per person is that correct?
    • Its PER PERSON on the tenancy agreement yes. We pay MARAS to carry out professional referencing we do not do it ourselves.
    • If your application is declined you do not need to pay anything further, but there is no refund of your pre-payment.
  • The legal/Tenancy Agreement fees & paperwork is for the property not per person, is that correct?
    • Yes the charge is per property, not per person.
  • How long does the referencing take?
    • Occasionally they are back the same day, but more typically it will be within 3 working days .
  • How will I know at what stage the referencing is up to?
    • You can follow the progress online with MARAS and check for yourself.
  • So, as soon as I put my reservation in, the property is mine - right?

    No, you need to go through two of the three stages of the reservation procedure (here). However, if you wanted the property removed from the market and available for you - you can achieve this by paying all of the costs at the start - we will then remove the property for you.


  • What if I give notice early in the tenancy agreement?
    • If the Landlord grants you a 12 month tenancy agreement and you want to leave at (say) month 10, the the Landlord may grant you permission to leave (subject to a suitable break clause) - but you may be liable for the Tenant find cost for months 11 and 12.


  • What if I one of the Joint Tenants needs to be replaced?
    • In principle that's OK, but the original tenant stays joint and severally liable for the rent, until the replacement documents have been fully completed.
    • The Landlord may or may not agree to change the tenants.
    • The incoming tenant will have to pre-pay the full price of the referencing in addition to £250 (incl vat) for a new tenancy agreement and documentation.
    • Regarding the deposit, the existing, former and new tenant will have to work out directly themselves their own allocation of the deposit.
    • This means we will not be able to change the deposit allocation registered; we would suggest an incoming tenant pays their share of the deposit to the outgoing tenant and square up at the end of the tenancy with everyone else.
    • A new tenant will become joint and severally liable for the full rent, in the same way as the existing or earlier tenant was.


  • What other charges could there be?
    • Typically, you will be responsible for cleaning of the property to a professional standard; depending upon the landlord this is probably on the way out.
    • Additionally, there could be an inventory/check in to be completed and paid for; usually this is either on the way in or on the way out.
    • Prices for this vary, depending upon the size of property and location in the UK. The prices are typical prices in the market however.
    • These may be paid to us for the service provider or direct to the service provider, or even sometimes to the Landlord direct who will pay the service provider.


  • What if my references fail?
    • Firstly, don't apply for a tenancy if you believe they may fail due to bad credit or anythign else, as we will not be able to proceed with your tenancy.
    • If you apply for a tenancy and pay the appropriate deposit/fees - and then you fail the referencing then you will lose both the referencing and admin fees and the initial deposit - as we have taken the property off the market for you.
    • We will keep the admin fees as we have already done a lot of work and incurred expenses, we will have paid for your references and will pay the Landlord the initial deposit.
    • There will not be a refund due to you under these circumstances.


  • What if I want to renew the tenancy?
    • Within the tenancy agreement there is a point at which you can advise you want to stay on, typically this is 2 months before the end of a period.
    • Because we will have to go through the referencing again, as the Landlord may need 'rental insurance' to guarantee your rent, there will be a referencing application and corresponding charge - but this is usually less than what you initially paid.
    • The Landlord does not have to offer you a tenancy extension beyond your original term, nor does the Landlord have to continue at the same rental payment.
    • We do not advise Landlords to continue beyond a tenancy agreement on a 'Periodic Tenancy' (ie: rolling on) as the rules change from your original AST Agreement. As such we will need a proper extension or sometimes a new AST agreement.
    • Again, this will be charged to you at a reduced rate, provided you have been diligent and expedite matters without delay.
    • This means if you do not respond to or do not keep the process moving and do not conclude the new agreement within 1 working week (which is plenty of time); you may be charged the current admin charge due to the extended amount of time taken for your renewal
    • Just as you go to work and get paid for an amount of work, a renewal is usually a simple process that we offer an admin discount for, but cannot discount our costs if this time is extended by our constant emails and chasing.
    • You will never be asked to pay more than our current charge for either referencing or the AST paper work.