The tenants fees

Tenants are required to pay the referencing costs and legal fees for moving into the property.

The referencing is carried out by a professional referencing company and that carried a cost.

The legal fees & documentation include the following:

> AST Agreement (the tenancy agreement)

> DPS Deposit scheme legal paperwork

> Our administration costs

> Inventory & Check in - varies with property size and whether Landlord wants to, Landlord pays one way Tenant pays other.



Fees FAQ's


Exactly what are the fees I have to pay?

The specific fees for the property you are renting will be advised to you on the Tenants Application form that you should have already received; or will do very soon.

What other fees do I have to pay?

Just the tenants referencing fee and the legal/admin fees referred to on your application form and possibly an Inventory and Check In/Out fee, plus anything else also on this page.

What's this other fee/deposit listed as number 3 on the application form?

Its not a fee at all, its the initial deposit required to remove the property for 1 week whilst your application procedes. If you look at the next item (No: 4) you will see clearly that the amount at No: 3 is deducted from the item 4.

Is there anything else I should know about the fees?

Other than what's written here; on our general FAQ's and on the application form no that's everything.

I have some other questions

No problem:Click on the link below and read further.