Becoming an Associate Partner

Quite a unique opportunity awaits you take the time to explore it.

If you are already in Residential Property Sales and Letting's, or work from home as an IFA, an Insurance Broker or similar - we can help expand your own revenue and hit the ground running with a new established business.


We are looking for self-motivated home based people to join us in the business. With the minimal start up and running costs being a fraction of normal costs - the business is a low cost business either in addition to your existing business or if you ant to start your own business.


As a Partner you will have the freedom to develop your business in the way you feel best reaches out to the clients, why should someone else tell you how you should appeal to your market?


One of our slogans is ''We don't wear ties'' - whilst that's true, that phrase also captures the very essence of what we do and how we do it - essentially it sums up that we do things differently - very differently, and as such we are remembered and make an impact with our clients and indeed the market place.




What do you get?

Firstly,you can operate your sales & letting business anywhere in the UK. You are not confined to a small patch of land that could well be completely useless!


You also get:-


>> 55% of the fees charged to your client

>> All templates made available to you

>> Suitable Training

>> All online marketing with all major portals

>> Miniscule overheads compared to running your own agency

>> Operate the business from your home

>> Operate the business alongside another business if you want

>> Complete live Mentor support package to help you develop your business

>> Career progression to Local Partner, Area Partner or Regional Partner


As an Area Partner you will also have a number of Local Partners to manage and from whom you derive a portion of their fee in return.


As a Regional Partner you will have a number of Area Partners to manage, your Area Partners manage their Local Partners. The Regional Partner derives income from their Area Partners etc.,






What do I need?


You need the right kind of temperament to work for yourself, but not by yourself.

Beyond that we want to talk to anyone that feels they can develop themselves a great property sales and rental business, with the tools we will give them.

By working from your own home and not operating the high fixed costs of an office or shop; you will have a significant cost advantage over your competitors.

You need the following:

> Internet and land line

> Mobile phone

> PC/Laptop

> Motivation to get out of bed - Money!

> Pleasant personality

> A decent printer

If you feel you can strike out on your own and want to keep from 55% - 90% of the revenue charged to the clients, email us now by clicking here or copy/paste