Our Clients


By offering a pick and mix service with modular pricing tailored to what the clients needs, we target the service required and price for that!

Options include services from basic to full service and clients find that somewhere in our tariff range there is a pricing and service solution just what they need; if not we will create one!

We have a 'can do' attitude which is at the core of our 'win - win' philosophy.



We are definitely different!


> Flexible pricing structure

> Pay for the service you use

> 7 day viewing's

> No hidden small print

> Easy to read contracts

> Great photos with decent cameras

> More than 'the main' web portals

> Personal supervision of a Partner

> Guaranteed Rent Paid Options

> £50,000 free legal cover

> Live operator 24/7/365









> Fees from £495.00

> Easy to read agreement

> 2 weeks notice period only

> No surcharge for Duel Agency




> Fees from 5% of contract value

> Rents Guaranteed paid

   - whether or not tenant pays!

> Full Management Service

>12 Month Tenancy Agreements