Buyers are advised that the property is not 'yours' until 'Exchange of Contracts' has taken place; you should work dilligently to ensure swift Exchange of Contracts as your first priority.

The cash back offered by Aspire Estates, is paid subject to completion of the sale and our having received our commission in full from the seller.

It is not available in conjunction with any other offer, discount or gift, whether from us or the seller from the price generally advertised in the public domain.

This means where the seller adjusts the price in the market place (up or down) and that price is paid by the buyer - no further incentives will be paid by Aspire Estates.



To ensure a speedy exchange and completion Aspire Estates may from time to time offer a buyers incentive.

This incentive does not form part of your contract and will not affect any mortgage offered by a lender - as it isnot part of the sale.